ProTraining Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Sales Effect for the last 6 months. The reasoning for hiring them was a simple one. I run a start-up company that creates new and innovative products and it is difficult to find the time to call and sell our products to prospective clients. In my line of work, finding and calling prospective clients is a daunting task. It requires expertise and perseverance because it is challenging and time-consuming to get interested clients on the phone.

The Sales Effect has helped my company in more ways than I thought possible. They correspond with prospective clients over 85 times per month and have orchestrated three times more meetings than we have 6 months previous. Every meeting has been positive and productive and includes decision makers that are interested in and eager to learn more about our product. In addition to an increase in meetings, the Sales Effect has helped us to create a sales process specific to our company’s needs. They coach and offer advice on how to conduct impactful sales meetings. They are determined to help us succeed and have attended meetings as one of my team members, providing helpful feedback and recommendations. They continually answer my sales questions and offer guidance in processes for follow up and securing the final sale.

The Sales Effect brings with them an honest, kind and caring team that is determined to help my company thrive. I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that they have taken the initiative to learn about my company and our products, and trust that they are representing my company with the level of professionalism that is required. I would recommend the Sales Effect to groups wanting to increase perspective clients and sales. They bring with them a knowledgeable and respectful team that I am proud to call an extension of my own company.  

Yasmeen Krameddine, PhD
Mental Health Training for Police and Security Officers
Director of Research & Development